How quickly will you ship my products?

Local delivery to IP20 Monday - Friday. Order the working day before or contact us if urgent. 

Local delivery to IP21, IP22, IP23 takes place on Thursday each week.

Local delivery to IP19, NR34, NR35, NR15 takes place on Friday each week. 

Standard UK delivery is dispatched within 1 working day of your order and we use a 1-2 working day service with our delivery partner to keep costs reasonable.  See our delivery information for more details. 

What should I do when I receive my beer?

We recommend that you store the beers in the fridge once you receive them, if this isn't possible below 12 degrees trying to keep a consistent temperature. This will keep your beers as fresh as possible. Hop flavours are delicate and need a little TLC.

How fresh is my beer?

We buy the beer straight from the microbreweries as soon as we can. Most products are straight off the canning line so you couldn't get much fresher. Craft beer has a recommended shelf life of 12 months (unless a special style to be aged longer). For hoppy beers you will find that after 3 - 6 months hop flavours start to fade. The beers are still fine to drink but we will always try to get the freshest beers to you (and yes there is also too fresh for some hoppy beers - more on that another time!).

What temperature should I drink my beer at?

Craft bottled/canned beers are normally served around 4-6°C. Stouts and Porters a little warmer which can be achieved by taking them out the fridge for a little while before you drink it, or warming in the glass in your hands. But, it is personal preference so drink them in whatever way you find most enjoyable.

I've received a gift card - how do I use it?

Just enter the gift card code at checkout and it will deduct the gift card amount from the payment. You can email us at hello@twistedhops.co.uk if you would like to know the amount remaining on your card. Gift cards expire 24 months after purchase date. 

Discount code

If you have a discount code, enter this at checkout and you will be able to see the discount applied. You can only use one discount code per order.