Why buy from us?

We set up Twisted Hops because on our journey of discovering local East Anglian beers we struggled to get all the beers we wanted in one place without travelling miles around or spending lots on delivery charges from each individual brewery.

We wanted to explore all the microbreweries available locally and after much research we put together a map of all the breweries we discovered there are over 150 throughout Cambridgeshire, Essex, Norfolk and Suffolk and we had hardly drank the tip of the iceberg!

Passionate about East Anglia, local produce, brewing, craft beer and microbreweries - we thought we'd mix this all together and create a unique bottle shop that would capture these amazing microbreweries in one place.

We see East Anglian brewing under-represented in the wider UK craft beer market and we want to change this and show that East Anglian microbreweries are producing top quality beers, and exciting styles and flavours.

We are passionate about helping people new to craft beer explore what can seem an overwhelming and bewildering range of beers and styles. This is where the knowledge we share will inspire people to be confident to try new beers, styles and flavours outside their comfort zone.

We believe the more you understand about your beer the more enjoyment you get from it. From how it is made, how to store it, how to pour it, the glass to serve it in, the temperature, the brewery it came from, the brewer's vision, right down to paying more attention to tasting the beer. We aim to help give you this information to maximise your enjoyment and experience of your drinks.

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